Letters From a Bus
May 2007: Our New Bus
2nd entry for May

Hurray! We're in our bus!

Huntsville, AL, Bankston Motor Homes, in our Allegro Bus

Thursday, May 17, 2007 — Day Two in our new home

Hurray!  We're in our bus!  We slept here last night and today we've unpacked a lot of stuff from the truck.  We're getting settled in.  AND I've got my own computer and I can type on a regular keyboard — much easier than trying to type on Dennis's laptop.  AND my wireless Internet is up and running.  (It's named "The Bus"). 

Dennis has driven his new bus. He acts like he's driven it all his life. No problems with highways or freeways. We went into a big parking lot and Ray had him practice backing up. With the rear view cameras projected on the computer monitor installed on the dashboard, it is not too bad. I practiced also and learned to drive the bus in circles around the parking lot. I didn't take it out in traffic though!

Our first drive and from my passenger view it looks like we're hanging way over our lane! Huntsville, AL 5/17/07 Dennis is thrilled. At last he can drive his own Allegro Bus. Huntsville, AL 5/17/07
We are parked in the Bankston RV lot in Huntsville, AL and we will stay here until Monday morning.  They are the soul of southern hospitality and have done everything for us to help us feel at home in our new coach.  We signed up for Direct TV so last night I was able to watch "Lost" while lying in bed just as I would at home.  (There are three TVs and the living area has 3 remotes: Local TV, Satellite Direct TV, and Surround Sound.  It seems very complicated at the moment.)
Dennis chats on his cell phone and Margot tries to snuggle as near him as possible. Huntsville, AL 5/17/07
Our numbers air bed is very soft and comfortable.  For the first time since we left the water bed, Dennis doesn't have a backache and he doesn't feel all achy.  I actually feel happy in our new home.  It is new and beautiful and comfortable.  The new smells from chemicals used in making the bus needs to be aired away — so we've had every window open since we took possession.  It isn't bad, but it is there and I'm hoping it will go away after awhile.
No more chasing after Starbucks. Finally Elsa can relax in her own bed with her own home brewed coffee. What luxury! Huntsville, AL 5/17/07

The air here is beautiful.  There was a rain Wednesday night and it cleared out the "smog" from the fires in Georgia and Florida.  There is a "cold" front so at night it's been about 55 degrees and right now at 4:30 PM it is 80 degrees.  There is a wonderful, cool breeze and the air is "soft" with a wonderful feel to it.  The breeze is lovely and blows through our coach and we have wonderful cross ventilation.

Dennis has his computer center at the little computer table behind the driver's seat.  I have my computer center at the cantilevered dining table.  I sit with my back to the wall (& slide out window) and face the driver's seat.  We placed the wireless printer on top of the kitchen counter next to the couch.  It is perfect!

Happiness is my own AirPort and ready access to the Internet. Got to keep in touch by email! Huntsville, AL 5/17/07

Yesterday a woman from Georgia, Gwen, showed me how to stow some things.  She told me about cupboard liner paper that grips the things that sit on it.  This morning we went out for breakfast (Denny's) and then went to this gigantic Target where we bought groceries and household supplies.  I bought this stuff that looks like foam or also looks like waffle fabric.  It nails down things that sit out on a table or counter.  I have it under the dog's food bowl and under my keyboard, etc.  I also put it in the cupboards for the dishes.

We want to be very shipshape and neat and not leave a lot of stuff sitting out because it is easy to look junkie.  So we are putting the toaster and coffeepot off the counter and into cupboards when we're not using them.  My G5 sits under the dining table and is hardly noticeable.  I put my monitor down on a non skid bathmat on the desk when we travel so it won't get hurt.

The dogs are adjusting.  They are happy to have some activity and not be in the truck riding all day.  They stick close to the bus and they haven't tried to run away.  Already they know this is home. 

Elsa Walton — Huntsville, AL, 5/17/07

Rudi and Margot look worried. What will happen next? They are not coming out without encouragement. Huntsville, AL 5/17/07
Elsa Walton, Bankston Motorhomes, Huntsville, AL, Thursday, May 17, 2007