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June 2007: Maiden Voyage 1st entry for June
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Purchases and Negotiations

Huntsville, AL, Day Eight at the US Space & Rocket Center RV Campground, #6

Monday, May 28, 2007 — Day Thirteen in our bus: Memorial Day

It’s been a week since our big Accident.  We are still in Huntsville and we are still at the Space Center Campground where we had just arrived when the Accident occurred.

We spent most of this week dealing with the practicalities of handling insurance for our neighbor’s damaged bus and insurance for our damaged truck.  We had a deal for a trade-in on the Ford 250 for a new Honda CRV before the accident.  We had to go back and get estimates for bodywork and then negotiate a new deal.  We took the truck to Honda on Monday afternoon — the same day as the accident.  They kept the truck and gave us a red Honda Pilot as a loaner.  By Wednesday afternoon we had our new silver Honda CRV.

But did that mean we were free to leave?  No.  We had to order the appropriate tow kit for the Honda.  Because of the long holiday weekend it won’t arrive until Tuesday.  

Above Left: Our new Honda is parked behind the Allegro Bus in space #6 at the Space & Rocket Center RV Campground.

Above: Dennis uses a laptop and has established his work center at the little computer table, an option offered by Tiffin Motor Homes.

Left: Dennis shares his lunch with Rudi. That's a blue tooth extension growing on his right ear. Excessive cell phone use is the cause.

As you might imagine, Dennis was not in the best of moods this week.  Wednesday evening he was next door talking to our neighbor (whose bus was ruined) and I was getting ready to watch TV in the bedroom.  We had just come home from dinner and the dogs had been alone for a while.  I noticed the carpet in the bedroom was damp.  Although neither dog has ever wet in the house before, I leaped to conclusions and decided one of them must be guilty.  How else could the carpet get so damp?  Like a child, I tried to cover the evidence by laying a bathmat on top of the damp area.  I didn’t want Dennis to be even more annoyed with the dogs.

Dennis came home and mentioned that he’d seen a leak under the bus.  He said that tomorrow he’d have to search for the origins.  I reached down to feel the bathmat.  It was very wet.  “I think I know where your leak is coming from,” I said.  The dampness was next to the washing machine in the hall.  Dennis figured out how to close off the water in the pipe above the dryer and that stopped the leak.  The dogs were off the hook.  Phew!

On Friday we had to get our courage together and drive the bus from our campground back to Bankston (about five miles) for small repairs.  The water leak from the washing machine had to be fixed and the “commode” as they call it in these parts, didn’t hold water in the bowl.  It is an odd contraption.  There is a ball that sits under the bowl.  It drops down when you flush and then comes back up as fresh water runs into the bowl.  It’s supposed to hold a small reservoir of water there, but you can imagine how difficult it would be to get that to fit properly.  The water was leaking out.  Two leaks on our bus…. 

We did major errands in our new Honda while the bus stayed at Bankston for the day.  After breakfast at I-Hop we hit Petco, Wall-Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, the post office and a grocery store.  We also walked the dogs in a neighborhood with lots of shady trees.  It was very hot and a marathon day.  When the bus was finished Dennis drove it back to our space with no problems.  Yea!

Sunday was a restful day as we lounged in our air conditioned bus and watched the Indy 500 race.  And Monday night Ann and Genna came over to see our bus.  Ann brought us her homemade banana pudding.  Wow!  It is rich and delicious.  It was a delight to sit and visit and get to know them better.

Elsa Walton — Huntsville, AL, 5/28/07

These characters are Ann and Genna — hard at work but allowed to dress casually on Memorial Day. Genna just got our banana pudding out of the refrigerator.
Elsa Walton, Space and Rocket RV Park, Huntsville, AL, Monday, May 28, 2007
First fuel fill-up - $450 gift from Bankston at Texaco, Jordan Lane, Huntsville, AL 5/21/07