Letters From a Bus

2007 Travel Map
East and Southward — Getting Bus & Visiting Jerry and Marsha Barlow
The blue line represents our trip in the Ford 250 truck from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles and then on to Huntsville, AL in May 2007.
The red line represents our trip in the Allegro Bus from Huntsville, AL to St. Augustine, FL in June 2007.
6/8/07 drive from Huntsville, AL to Wal*Mart in Villa Rica, GA
6/9/07 drive to St. Augustine, FL
North and Westward — Homeward Bound
The red line represents our 2007 homeward bound trip in our new bus. The black dots represent our Campsites beginning from St. Augustine, FL.
1) 6/25 Barnesville, GA (2) 6/26 Buford, GA (3) 6/29 Red Bay, AL (4) 7/18 Memphis, TN (5) 7/20 St. Louis, MO (6) 7/22 Bonner Springs, KS (7) 7/30 Abilene, KS (8) 7/31 Goodland, KS (9) 8/1 Aurora, CO (10) 8/7 Cheyenne, WY (11) 8/9 Green River, WY
(12) 8/10 Ogden, UT (13)
Homeward Bound Map Details
6/25/07 drive from St. Augustine, FL to High Falls Campground, Barnesville, GA (Traveled from south to north.)
6/26/07 drive from Barnesville, GA to Shoal Creek Campground, Buford, GA (Traveled from south to north.)
6/28-29/07 drive from Buford, GA to Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL (Wal*Mart night due to rain west of Birmingham in Sumiton.) (Traveled from east to west.)
7/18/07 drive from Red Bay, AL to T.O. Fuller State Park, Memphis, TN (Traveled from southeast to northwest.)
7/20/07 drive from Memphis, TN to St. Louis RV Park, St. Louis, MO (Traveled from south to north.)
7/22/07 drive from St. Louis, MO to Cottonwood RV Campground, Bonner Springs, KS (Traveled from east to west.)
7/30/07 drive from Kansas City to Covered Wagon RV, Abilene, KS (Traveled from east to west.)
First fuel fill-up - $450 gift from Bankston at Texaco, Jordan Lane, Huntsville, AL 5/21/07
7/31/07 drive from Abilene to Mid-America Camp Inn, Goodland, KS (Traveled from east to west.)
8/1/07 drive from Goodland to Denver Meadows Mobile Home & RV Park, Aurora, CO (Traveled from east to west.)
8/7/07 drive from Denver to AB Camping, Cheyenne, WY (Traveled from south to north.)
8/9/07 drive from Cheyenne to Tex's Travel Camp, Green River, WY (Traveled from east to west.)
8/10/07 drive from Green River, WY to Century RV Park, Ogden, UT (Traveled from east to west.)