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Sept 2008 We have moved.
1st entry for Sept.

We have Moved

Letters From A Bus has graduated to it's own dedicated website.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008.


After posting 55 letters on this Cute Small Dogs website, "Letters From A Bus" has graduated to it's own dedicated website.


Continue reading the next installment, my 56th letter, by clicking on the Next button (above) or on on this link (below):

56 Snow on the Paunsaugunt; Exploring Duck Creek.

You can easily go back and forth between the first 55 letters posted here and the new letters from the 56th onward by clicking on the Return link added to each page. Letter Archives allows you to go back and forth between the two websites to read each letter. They are organized both chronologically and geographically.

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I hope you continue to enjoy Letters From A Bus.


I'm working hard on learning to build a new website using new web management software. Bear with me. It's slow going. 9/1/08