Letters From a Bus

2007 Window Views
It is very odd to stay in a place for a few days, get used to the view out the window, and the next day glance out the window and be startled by a new view.

Here, for my amusement and yours, is a catalog of "views" seen from our bedroom window and our cab windshield window each time we change locations.

Bedroom Window View
Cab Passenger Windshield View
Trailer Sales Lot, Bankston RV, Huntsville, AL 05/17/07 (Our very first parking place.)
Site #6, Space and Rocket Campground, Huntsville, AL 05/24/07 (Our first RV park. Very nice & pretty.)
Barlow Camp, St. Augustine, FL 06/10/07 (My brother's front lawn.)
Site # 10, High Falls Campground, Barnesville, GA 06/25/07 (Doesn't offer a lot but pretty and quiet.)
Site #1, Shoal Creek State Campground, Lake Sidney-Lanier, Buford, GA 06/26/07 (Very pretty but uneven sites.)
Wal*Mart Parking Lot, Sumiton, AL 06/28/07
Site #5, Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL 06/29/07
(The people in the Allegro Bus in Site #4 hung a parrot cage from their living room awning & our awning is out.)
Site #5, Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL 07/10/07
Parked on the runway for custom work; Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL 07/13/07
Site #24, T.O. Fuller State Park, Memphis, TN 07/18/07 (Lovely park and very convenient.)
St. Louis RV Park, St. Louis, MO 07/20/07 (Sites are not level and very crowded.)
Site #52, Cottonwood RV Campground, Bonner Springs, KS 07/25/07 (Open & spacious with places to walk.)
Site #63, Covered Wagon RV Resort, Abilene, KS 07/29/07 (Not bad.)
Mid-America Camp Inn, Goodland, KS 07/31/07 (Spacious with a country feeling.)
Site #228/9, Denver Meadows RV Park, Aurora, CO 8/1/07 (Kind of a dump.)
Site Buffalo Loop #22, Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora, CO 8/5/07 (Beautiful with wonderful walks.)
Site #S-19, A. B. Camping RV Park, Cheyenne, WY 8/7/07 (Clean, well organized, helpful staff.)
Site #E-7, Tex's Travel Camp, Green River, WY 8/9/07 (Freeway very noisy.)
Site Century Lane #3, Century RV Park, Ogden, UT 8/10/07 (The blue pole is the leg of a tall sign and we face the trash bins for the park. Crowded & tight. Freeway is noisy & highway smells of tar from construction.)
Site Carriage Lane #80, Century RV Park, Ogden, UT 8/11/07 (Our neighbor has a Fleetwood Terry Quantum fifth-wheel. This is a much better situation. We face mobile homes and RVs with lots of trees along the lanes.)
Site E, Nat-Soo-Pah, Hollister, (25 mi. S of Twin Falls), ID 8/21/07 The window looks across the entrance street to a smaller site campground. The windshield looks across a campsite lane to campsites similar to ours (empty). The campsite was cool, breezy and quiet. Lots of stars to be seen. Hot springs with pool.
Catfish Loop, Site #124, Farewell Bend State Park, Huntington, OR 8/22/07 We have a view of the Snake River. The bedroom window looks water spattered — but I don't remember that it rained. Maybe it was the watering system from Nat-Soo-Pah.
Site #3, Columbia River RV Park, Portland, OR 8/24/07 For a view from the bedroom I have a nice graphic design of someone else's bus. From the cab I can see our Incense Cedar. Across from us, an RVer has rigged up a flag pole.
Site #14, Deerwood RV Park, Eugene, OR 8/28/07 This is a beautiful park with a big lawn for the dogs and flower beds by each RV. We also had green plastic tables and chairs. Very comfortable and movable.
Site #4, Emigrant Lake RV Park, Ashland, OR 8/30/07 We are parked facing east and a thunderstorm is coming in. The bedroom looks out on our nice shade tree.
Site #B2, Corning RV Park, Corning, CA 9/4/07 We are camped in an old olive grove at the edge by a field. That's the freeway in the background. It is pretty under the olive trees but a noisy and dusty location.
Site #33-4, Konocti Vista Casino RV Park, Lakeport, CA 09/6/07 We are in an RV park at an Indian casino. It's clean and spacious and not crowded. Some people take two spaces — one for RV and one for tow vehicle.
Site #1, Walton Masonry RV Park, Mountain View, CA 9/9/07 We are in the masonry yard. The view is unorthodox but not the worst we've seen by any means. Beyond the Pettibone & the fence is the parking lot for Michaels.
Dirt Lot, Harris Ranch, Harris Ranch, CA 11/13/07 We are boondocking at the Harris Ranch Hotel and Restaurant complex off I-5 and CA-198.
Site #B-1, Calico Ghost Town, Yermo, CA 11/14/07 Sites in a small circle are not all level or easy to negotiate. The location is rustic and looks like a moonscape.
Site #33, Desert View RV Resort, Needles, CA 11/15/07 This private park is located by Old Route 66 and is beautifully kept up with flowers and a wonderful view of the town lights and surrounding desert.
Site #40, Holbrook Petrified Forest KOA, Holbrook, AZ 11/16/07 This KOA was not as manicured as Desert View but it was quiet and well maintained with space and a level site. Also located by Old Route 66, I enjoyed the trail around the park for the dogs.
Site: Marigold 5, Santa Fe Skies RV Park, Santa Fe, NM 11/17/07 This is a beautiful large park located on a plateau above town. We have a 360 degree view looking down on Santa Fe and at all the surrounding mountains.
Site: HH, Sunny Acres RV Park, Las Cruces, NM 11/28/07. This is a large spacious park and quiet. Many people stay for long periods. We were in the back so we faced the streets coming toward us. We liked it here. Behind us was a business yard but it was quiet. These are racks that hold metal studs and metal frames for buildings.
Site: E65, Mission RV Park, El Paso, TX 12/2/07. This is a crowded park with small lanes. It was difficult to get into this pull-thru. Many people live and work here permanently. The lanes were not good for walking dogs but they did have a dog park where the dogs could be set free.
Site: 59, Sunny Acres RV Park, Las Cruces, NM 12/5/07. This time we are towards the front of the park in a pull-thru at the end of the lane by the approach road. We have a patch of grass and trees on our corner lot.
Site: 45, Dream Catcher RV Park, Deming, NM 12/12/07. This is a large gravel lot without defined patio areas. Close to I-10 and the railroad, it has lots of transportation noise. It was windy and chilly while we there. It is an Escapees park and we are members so we had a discount. It was spacious enough and people were friendly. With headquarters in Livingston, TX, Escapees is an active advocate and lobbiest for RVers At this park, they hosted a social hour every afternoon but we didn't find time to go. Upon checkin, the hostess made some derogatory remarks about California which put me off. California is not your most friendly RV state.
Site: 1401 Country Coach Lane, Beaudry RV Resort, Tucson, AZ 12/17/07. This is a gigantic RV resort — almost a town. It is part Camping World and a sales lot. Beaudry sells Country Coach and Monaco. We had a cement patio, table and chairs and our own orange tree, ripe with oranges. It was expensive but we liked it.
Site: #24 Happy Days RV Park, Apache Junction, AZ 12/18/07. On the eastern outskirts of Phoenix, this is primarily a permanent mobile home residence for snowbirds. It is small and a closeknit over fifty-five community. They were all getting ready for a big Christmas dinner on the nineteenth. The hosts were very friendly and helpful. Our space was a tight fit. Some people had dogs but we were asked to walk our dogs in front of the park on the very busy boulevard. We didn't want our dogs to trespass on front yards or bark. We felt uncomfortable and out of place.
Site: 2535 25th Ave, Paradise RV Resort, Sun City, AZ 12/19/07. The bedroom looks over a shed at a small mobile home. This is another gigantic RV resort. It is like a residential neighborhood with streets, houses and yards — all highly decorated with Christmas lights. These are permanent winter residents in mobile homes. The park has a few open spaces where they squeeze in RVs. It was very tough getting our bus into this space. We are in the Pet community, which is large and incorporates many streets. However, we are not allowed to walk our dogs in the neighboring No-Pet community. This resort has a pool, snack shack, health club, lawn bowling, sewing room — to name only a few of their "resort amenities." We are amazed. It is quiet and people are friendly, if reserved. One must be over 55. I think there are a lot of golfers. We got a huge discount for being members of Passport America.
Site: 577 Kah Nee Ta, Cocopah RV & Golf Resort, Yuma, AZ 12/23/07. This RV park was very large with mobile homes and RVs. It was casual and friendly and had unusually great facilites for the dogs with a one acre lawn where they could run free. We loved it here.
Site: 76, Havasu Falls RV Resort, Lake Havasu City, AZ 12/27/07 Our site was spacious and a pull-thru on gravel with a small concrete pad. No table. Located on the north side of the city it was elevated above the lake and quiet. There was a club house and places to walk the dogs.
Site: 33, Arabian RV Oasis, Boron, CA 01/02/08 With our Passport America card, this oasis cost us $11 per night.  The sites were level, if old, with cracked and bumpy paving and old hookups in odd locations.  However, the people were pleasant and the place was quiet.  About half or more were mobile homes with permanent residents. 
Harris Ranch Empty Parking Lot, Coalinga, CA 01/04/08 It's free and there are no RV parks available in the area. It is convenient to shop and eat at the Harris Ranch but at night it fills up with trucks and is very noisy. I forgot to take my side bedroom view so I put in a view of the bus sitting in the lot on that rainy afternoon.
Site: 1, Walton & Sons Masonry Inc., Mountain View, CA 01/05/08 The views may not be scenic but it's home sweet home to us.
Harris Ranch Empty Parking Lot, Coalinga, CA 03/27/08 Oops. Dennis cleaned all the windows but left a smudge on the bedroom window...
Site: 35, Arabian RV Oasis, Boron, CA 03/28/08
Site: 180, Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, Las Vegas, NV 03/30/08 This is a large park with pet and no pet sections. We have a gravel yard with a table and trees on both sides. There's a recreation central park area, small dog run enclosures and a large dog enclosure. The clubhouse has a cafe, convenience store and other amenities. The freeway is noisy but otherwise we like it.
Site: 35, Sand Hollow State Park Complex, Hurricane, UT 04/15/08 About four miles south of Hwy 9, this state park is quiet and spacious. The road is laid out in loops and RVs park parallel to the road. Each has a picnic table and shelter on a concrete pad. The picnic table above is across the street and belongs to ur neighbor. We are on the left side of the street so we must walk around the bus and down steps to our picnic table. There is a reservoir for boating and fishing and 16,000 acres available for OHV riding but no noise from these activities in the campground. This area is extremely windy. We pay $25 cash per day. We like the views and the silence but the wind can chase us inside.
Site: I-18, Cherokee Springs Golf & RV Resort, Hatch, UT 04/24/08 About five miles south of Hatch on SR-89. There are no facilities except for level sites, 50 amp & water. It is remote and quiet and beautiful. We are situated on the Paunsaugunt Plateau at 7,200' el. It is about 35 miles from Zion and Bryce Nat'l Parks. We love it here.
Site: 4, Butch Cassidy Campground, Salina, UT 06/19/08 At Hwy 89 & I-70 Interchange this has some sites for RVs as well as a lawn for tents and some permanent mobile homes. The family keeps a large aviary with birds and fowl including mourning doves and bobwhite quail. Chickens, peacocks and bunny rabbits run free on the grounds.
Site: 50, Phillips RV Park, Evanston, WY 06/22/08 At 225 Bear River Dr. it is located near the Information Center (no overnight parking) and a state park (no RVs). We were parked facing the exit gate looking towards the highway but our door and bedroom window faced sites with lawns. We were within walking distance of two restaurants. There was a train track nearby plus the highway so it was noisy.
Site: 51, RV World, Rawlins, WY 06/23/08 At 3101 Wagon Circle Rd. it is located near I-80 at exit 211. As we got nearer to the Escapade we ran into more RVs. We pulled in just before five and with 105 sites, we were the last to find accomodations. We were actually parked on the exit/entrance road. We are facing the registration office. Opposite the bedroom window is a miniature golf course. It was noisy.
Wal*Mart, Casper, WY 06/24/08 Why pay money for a noisy site like RV World, above? We saved money in Casper and this Wal*Mart was actually quiet. I forgot to take cab and bedroom photos so here a photo of sunset in the Wal*Mart parking lot and a photo of Jay and Betty's rig parked next to ours as seen through the driver's window.
Wal*Mart, Gillette, WY 06/25/08 The bedroom view is the all gray side of Jay's RV so I substituted this exterior shot of the men and their machines — Dennis and Jay. The night before we check into Escapade, this Wal*Mart is filled with RVs. They take up much of the parking lot during the night and it is noisy.
Escapade, Box Elder Campground, Gillette, WY 06/26/08 At Boxelder Rd. Again the bedroom room view is the wall of the RV next to us so I showed the grass field and Escapee volunteers ready to lead Escapee members and their RVs into their sites. We arrived early before the field filled up. We have hookups with 30 amp. There will be 1000 rigs parked around the Escapade event. Many will be in dry camps. With a lawn, we are in the lap of luxury.