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CuteSmallDogs declares that all dogs are cute. For the purposes of this collection, small is defined as all dog breeds with an approximate height and weight of no more than 22 inches and 30 pounds — although there are notable weight exceptions — bulldogs for example. For convenience the various breed types have been placed in eight categories: Bulldogs, Companions, Hunting, Spaniels, Terriers, Toys, Working, and Mixed or Hybrid breeds.

This is a new website and major portions are still under construction. The only active links are Companion, Coton de Tulear, Cotton Club, and the Showhouse (above). Last revised: 7/17/07

Do you have a cute small dog photo you would like to share? Please e-mail us. Send full body poses or head portraits to and attach your photo. Remember to tell me the name of your dog, the breed, plus formal name and kennel, if appropriate. Thanks for your help. —Elsa

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