Arleen Herrick Edwards
Born (date) ~ Died (date) at age (?)

"Arleen lived directly behind Carol Brier. She was madly in love with Gary Edwards from Redondo High. He transferred to Torrance for his last year. They were married the weekend after graduation. They did divorce later on." —Dyanne Demaree Radke

THS Grad. photo
Late Fifties, Arleen and Gary Edwards
(photo provided by Dyanne Demaree Radke)
Sixties, location
Catching Up
Photo Photo

"Arleen Herrick Edwards died about five years ago." —Dyanne Demaree Radke

Eighties, location
Seventies, location
Gary Edwards & Arleen Herrick Edwards, 25th Reunion, 1982
Arleen and Gary Edwards, Nov. 1986
Arleen Herrick Edwards with Stubby and Darleen Dils, 25th Reunion, 1982
Arleen and Ruben visiting Tom and Dyanne Radke in Ohio, Summer 1992
Arleen Herrick Edwards and Ruben Varela, their house in Pittsburg, CA, Summer 1992 Arleen and Ruben on trip to Mexico — looking for hats, Summer 1992