Photo provided by Dyanne Demaree Radke

Enlargement and name labels done by Elsa Barlow Walton

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25th Reunion, 1982
Back row: Peter Lennon, Dyanne, Harold, Arlene, Carol, Larry Freude
Front row: Evelyn, Karen, Nancy, John Emery
Photo and identification provided by
Dyanne Demaree Radke
Identity of 25th Reunion mystery men
Peter L & Larry F provided by Stubby Dils.
Enlargements done by Elsa Barlow Walton
(If available, an original, above, copied at a higher
resolution would provide better enlargements.)
40th Reunion, 1997
Back row: Larry, Unknown, Unknown, Brian
Front row: Sandy, Marilyn, Karen, Evelyn, Dyanne, Arlene
25th Reunion, 1982 Left to Right

Evelyn Schmald Myrick
Karen Brunel Jiminez
Carol Brier
Nancy Dorsett Davis
Arlene Herrick Edwards
Dyanne Demaree Radke