Dyanne Demaree Radke
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I remember while in 7th grade at Seaside Elementary, before Riviera Elementary was built, we took homemaking and while making Divinity candy at Christmas, I burned Evelyn Schmald’s hand and she had the scar all the rest of her life.  She loved bringing it up to me. 

 My house was a hangout during high school.  My mom was always home and there were always snacks for whoever wanted to stop by.  Brian Beckman and Roger McCall practically lived at my house as did Helene Clark and Adrienne Aselin.  I can remember helping Brian through English so he could play tennis and still get passing grades.  However, I didn’t think I would every pass Geometry my sophomore year.  It was the year os split sessions and the Math teacher had only taught boys.  Told me later that if I hadn’t talked in class so much, I probably would have passed.  I think I ended up with a D and was thrilled.

 The chili burgers from the high school cafeteria were always my favorites.  Always tried to be on early lunch when they were served.   I ran for Miss Torrance my senior year, but didn’t want to wear my glasses so consequently couldn’t see anyone in the parade or otherwise.  Nothing like being vain.  Didn’t win either. 

THS Senior Grad. Photo
Sixties, location
Seventies, location
Catching Up

After I left high school I went to Long Beach State for one year of college.  I didn’t want to go to school, I wanted to work.  So headed out in the “real world” and became a secretary.  Worked in El Segundo at a manufacturing company.  I had met Tom Radke while on vacation in Seattle, WA while I was a Junior and he moved to California in 1958 to go to college.  We were married in 1959.  We had two children , David and Philip.

 We were transferred to Oklahoma for 10 years with North American and then on to Ohio in 1975.  I was a stay at home mom so ended up being the Cub Scout Leader and room mother and chauffeur.  I went back to work after the move to Ohio.  Started out being a legal secretary and then went back to school to be certified as a Professional Legal Secretary.  I was a Probate Paralegal for 20 years and then quit to enjoy the golden years.  Tom had taken early retirement when the B-1 bomber was completed and he was traveling without me and I was missing the fun.  I did some temporary work for various legal firms and then completely quit working in 2000.  We bought our first RV in 1992 and spent as much time on the road as possible.  We have too many “toys” to give up and go full time.

 We have four grandchildren (12 to 19 ) which keeps us around Ohio.  However, we have a place in Yuma, AZ where we spend our winters - getting too old to shovel that cold, white stuff.

1985, Treasurer of Ohio Legal Secretarial Association
1987 with my first grandchild
2005 Christmas card, with Tom in front of our Johnstown, Ohio home.
August 1995, standing by our hail damaged Monaco Safari in Minot, ND.
2006 Christmas card, with Tom
in front of our Yuma, AZ winter home.