Evelyn Schmald Myrick
Born Sep. 23, 1939 ~ Died Sep. 30, 2006 at age 67
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THS Grad. photo
Fifties photo
Sixties photo
Catching Up

Information about Evelyn sent to Elsa from Dyanne in December 2006.

After Evelyn graduated from Torrance High, she attended Long Beach College for one year and then transferred to Bliss College of Business in LA. She married Pete Hester in 1959 and moved to Oklahoma City. She had two children, Karyn and Lee.

Evelyn put her business classes to good use. She managed accounts for her husband as well as several other trucking firms. She and Pete divorced but Ev remained in Oklahoma and continued to be an accountant for local companies until she died.

Ev had a great love for animals. She and the children showed horses. The also raised cats, dogs, pigmy goats, ducks, geese, Guinea hens, birds, parrots, fish, etc. They all had names and special places in her heart.

Evelyn married Jim Myrick in January 1983. He shared her love of the acreage and the animals. Ev has two granddaughters and five step-grandchildren.

1971 Evelyn and Dyanne with their children on their way to visit the Oklahoma City Zoo.
Photo Album
Evelyn and Jim Myrick Wedding Photo
January 1983
Evelyn with family in Hawaii, 1986 (above)

Evelyn and Jim in Hawaii, 1986 (right)

Evelyn and her granddaughter, Kelsey, with one of their show horses and performing dog.
Oklahoma State Fair, 2002
Evelyn poses near a frog at the Oklahoma City Zoo, 2005.
Ev collected frogs.
Evelyn with her geese, 2006