Gretchen Carmen Palmer


Santa Monica HS Grad. photo
Catching Up

Note from Elsa:

I met with Gretchen in Denver on 8/2/07. She brought the two black and white photos to show me. I propped them on my lap against the dash board and took digital photos of them. They are published here.

Gretchen told me that she moved with her mother from the Redondo area after eighth grade. They went to Santa Monica where she graduated from high school.

She wanted to major in music but her father controlled tuition fees and therefore her education. She lost time with majors in nursing and then business. Eventually she won an apprenticeship with the San Francisco Opera. Later she returned to Denver and sang professionally with Central City Opera.

She married Gary Palmer and had two boys and a girl. They've made her a grandma. Divorced for many years, today she is an Associate Broker for Remax Avenues Lowry in Denver. 

August 6, 2007

High school date? 1957?
Gretchen with friend, Dave, Christmas 2005
Budding young opera singer. About 1960? San Francisco?
Dennis Walton takes a photo of Elsa and Gretchen before dinner at the historic El Rancho in Golden, CO 8/2/07
Gretchen visits Elsa and Dennis Walton in their Allegro Bus at Denver Meadows RV Park, Aurora, CO 8/2/07