Sandra Beaird Olmsted
Memories & Catching Up

I did not have contact with any other THS or Riviera classmates, except Larry George. 

Larry was the UCLA roommate of my husband, Don, at Triangle Fraternity.  He introduced Don and me in 1959 and the rest is history!  THS lost me (in Orange County) until the 40th reunion.  I was real excited to go, so we went.  Who did we see but Larry and his wife?  Don had as much fun as I did catching up with old friends.

Triangle Engineering Fraternity was a highlight for me during my 2 1/2 years at UCLA.  I went to El Camino for two years, and then transferred.  I had Bacteriology for my major and then took a year's training to become a Medical Technologist.  I wasn't really a working girl, so when our first son, Steve, was born I quit and

THS Grad. photo
Sandy and Don Olmsted
1962 Newport Beach, CA

concentrated on raising our boys. Now Steve is 43, a CPA, and Mike is 40, a Presbyterian Minister in Minnesota.  We have 3 grandsons; not a girl in sight!  Except for my darling daughter-in-laws the Olmsted’s remain a man's world.

I have always kept my hands (or feet) in the dancing world.  For over 15 years I took Jackie Sorenson's Aerobic Dance. Right now, I'm taking a slim 'n trim class (I'm not very trim) that is aerobic dancing.  Don and I like to Line Dance also.  I have such fond memories of the dance chorus line that Elsa and Karen headed up for the variety shows.  And do you remember our "forts" that we built on the hill?  I'll never forget those times either.

In Riviera, we lived on 400 Via Pasqual.  Thinking about that address has started me thinking about my parents.  Both my parents and Don's parents are gone, so now we are the matriarch and patriarch!

I live in Fountain Valley, which is close to Huntington Beach and Santa Ana.  We are about 10 miles south of Disneyland.  Don worked for Airesearch, aka Allied Signal, aka Honeywell, and has been retired for about nine years.  We have two sons and three grandsons.  My sister, Karen, has the girls.  We enjoy comparing notes on the boys and girls. We celebrated our 45th anniversary in February.

For over 40 years Don and I have been members of the Presbyterian Church in Westminster, CA.  Our faith in God has enriched our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

I would have loved to go to the earlier reunions.  I only moved as far as Orange County, but I was never contacted.  I saw Richard Bentwood and his wife at Marriage Encounter in 1979.  He said he would put me on the list for the next one but I expect he forgot.  Thanks to the Computer Age I was finally contacted for the 40th and Don agreed to go.  It was especially fun because we got to visit with Larry and his wife. I saw Karen.  She looked great, and danced up a storm that night.

I hope that we can attend the fiftieth reunion.  Our grandson's mom is planning a going away party for his send off to the U of Michigan in Ann Arbor that weekend.  Our youngest son is now in Austin, MN with his family.  They lived in Phoenix, AZ for three years prior to that.  Don and I and our oldest son, with his wife and our grandson remain in California — along with my sister Karen.

I'm sorry Elsa and Dyanne can't attend. I'd like to see them as they are the ones who first wrote to me about a Riviera reunion. I thank them for their letters. They brought back great memories — but now we move forward!

1970s Mike and Steve, Sandy and Don Presbyterian Church, Westminster, CA
2000 Mission Trip to Kenya
2007 Family Graduation Photo, Fountain Valley, CA