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Page 1 ~ Wilton Armetale Vintage Pewter
Wilton Armetale Vintage Pewter
Four 3-piece place settings
Queen Anne plates, Horn mugs & Porringers

Wilton Armetale Vintage Pewter
Four 3-piece place settings

12/24/06 on eBay

Wilton Armetale Vintage Pewter — four place settings
Item # 120066263110

for $94.50
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Wilton Armetale Vintage Pewter
Four 3-piece place settings

I bought these in an antique store thirty years ago.  Rarely used by me, I think they look great and I keep them arranged on a book shelf.  I like to bring them out for clam chowder and French bread on Christmas Eve.  They are in good condition with the normal patina of small scratches on the plates.

Wilton Armetale Vintage Pewter 10” Queen Anne Plates Marked rWp: Set of 4

The Queen Anne pewter plates are 9” wide with a matte finish.  The traditional Queen Anne series reflects the old English elegance of the 18th C.  It measures 3/4” deep x 10 1/4” wide.  The back is stamped with rWp. 

Wilton Armetale Vintage Pewter 5” Horn Mugs Marked rWp: Set of 4

The pewter mugs are 5” tall with a matte finish.  Known as Horn Mugs, the traditional styling has always been popular.  Not only useful but decorative the mug body is shaped like the bell of a horn with a handle in the shape of the twist of the French Horn.  It measures 5” tall by 3 1/2” diameter at the mouth.  The side under the lip by the handle is marked with a rWp and the angel stamp, a traditional mark of quality.

Wilton Armetale Vintage Pewter 5” Porringers Marked rWp, C, & Wilton Columbia, PA: Set of 4

A porringer is a bowl with a handle used by colonial Americans and Europeans.  This porringer has a 5” wide diameter bowl at the lip with a matte finish.  It can be hung from the half inch hole set into the 2” wide handle.  Holloware such as this was used to serve porridge, broth or soup.  Including the handle it measures 6 3/4” wide and is 2” deep.  The bottom is marked with rWp, the angel stamp, a C and wilton-columbia,pa. 

Wassail! Drink Hail!  Fill your pewter Horn Mugs with beer or hot-spiced ale and clink them to the old English traditional toast and response.  Set your groaning board with hot soup served in vintage Wilton pewter porringer bowls.  Serve roasted meat and potatoes with bread and cheese on an old 18th C. favorite — Queen Anne patterned pewter plates.  Throw a bone into the rushes on the floor for your dog and don’t forget to leave a scrap of food or a copper penny on your plate for the poor….

Colonists brought their pewter holloware to America but most of it got melted down for ammunition during the Revolution.  This pewter tableware set is made by the family owned Wilton Armetale Company, which was founded in 1892 in Lancaster County, PN.  Individually cast, no two pieces are alike.  The name Armetale means the combination of “art” and “metal.”  Originally, pewter was a metal alloy based on the predominance of tin.  Lead was often added to make it stronger.  These mugs, bowls and plates are post-1940 vintage reproductions of English and American Traditional styles.  As such, the Armetale brand products made a pewter metal alloy that does not have a predominance of tin and does not contain lead — and therefore it is safe to use.