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Decorative Collectibles
Page 1 ~ April Cornell Teapot Set
Three piece set of April Cornell Blueberry Pottery

Do you prefer venti lattes or oversize cappuccinos?  Does your partner prefer a plain mug of java?  Here’s a set to suit both your needs. 
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Passionflower Showhouse
Time Listed: Jan-23
Ending: Jan-30

Cappuccino Bowl with Saucer & Coffee Mug April Cornell Yellow Pottery with Blueberry Design

Starting Price: $24.99

item # 1200788868438

01/30/07 on eBay

Cappuccino Bowl with Saucer & Coffee Mug April Cornell
Item # 1200788868438

for $25.49
to channinggirl

Blueberries on a Sunny Yellow Field

On a chilly winter day, serve yourself a warm bowl of soup with a mug of tea or coffee. Let the saucer hold a sandwich on the side.
April Cornell Yellow Coffee Mug with Blueberry Design

This cheerful coffee mug has a deep yellow background glaze on the outside with stems of one to seven blueberries with leaves painted in a deep blue and green.
April Cornell Cappuccino Bowl and Saucer with Blueberry Design

There is a blue rim above and below the bowl with a white glaze inside. There is a blue line rim above and below the saucer lip. There is a white glaze inside where the cup sits.
April Cornell Pottery Marks and Store Label

The same mark is shown on the bottom of each piece.

A sticker still remains on the bottom of the saucer: "CUP YEL BERRIES LAR". I bought this in Oakland years ago.

The April Cornell Blueberry Pottery Design

Thee yellow cappuccino bowl and saucer and coffee mug are shown here in context together with a larger set of the April Cornell blueberry pottery that was produced with a stone white background. (not for sale.)